Welcome, beloved guests.

Voices from the Dark (VftD) is an international podcast for philosophers, wizards and totems, structured as weekly episodes, each of which features special topics with co-hosts and guests.


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Voices from the Dark Goals

We think it’s nice to have clear goals and to communicate those goals. So here they are, in no particular order.

Support the arts, literature and film
Promote artists, writers and film-makers
Build a community of creative people and critical thinkers
Be a resource and inspiration for listeners
Discuss the importance of the arts in society
Identify problems facing the arts and arts communities
Entertain and educate listeners
Create an enjoyable audio experience
Have political discussions
Discuss solutions to political problems
Disagree with each other
Promote music
Listen to good music
Watch good movies
Other stuff
Have a good time
And maybe a drink or two

Voices from the Dark Crew Needed

Seeking producers, co-producers, hosts, co-hosts and collaborators.

If you have an idea or want to participate, let’s talk.

Contact us via our social media channels, Twitter and Facebook.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Voices from the Dark Series

Voices from the Dark is a podcast made up of different series (or segments, shows, call them what you will). The current series are listed below.


Artists is a series of conversations between artists and a host. The segment shares inspirational or entertaining stories about being an artist. This series is available.

Mistaken Ideas

Mistaken Ideas is a series where two co-hosts attempt to define one fallacy per episode as simply and quickly as possible. It occasionally features guests who want to join in the fun. This series is available.

I’ll Be Right Back

I’ll Be Right Back is a comparative horror film series featuring detailed conversations about horror films. The main focus of the series is currently horror films related to babysitters. The first installment was featured on Episode #6, where we discussed the 2016 film Better Watch Out. This series is available.

The Spectrum

An educational series about politics with a specific focus on US politics. Not intended to be argumentative or to pick a side on issues, though there is some space for that. No trolling allowed. This series is available.

If you’re interested in being or working on any of these shows, please contact me via social media.

Voices from the Dark: Support the Podcast!

If you like what you find here, you can support the podcast. There are many ways you can support the show. Each way starts with an email. Send me a message if you want to co-produce, co-host or collaborate.

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Voices from the Dark Dictionary

Philosopher: a person who seeks wisdom or enlightenment

Wizard: a very clever or skillful person

Totem: a spirit being