About Voices from the Dark

Voices from the Dark (VftD) is an international podcast for philosophers, wizards and totems. Episodes feature recurring series, special topics, and a variety of co-hosts and guests. Voices from the Dark is available wherever you get your podcasts, including iTunes.

Who Is Voices from the Dark?

Steve Cuffari – co-host, founder

John Lugo-Trebble – co-host, co-creator of Open Mic

Neo Nkhereanye – co-host, co-creator of The Spectrum

Evgeni Klisarov – co-host, co-creator of Mistaken Ideas

Daniel the Chauffeur – co-host, co-creator of I’ll Be Right Back

The Artists – all the amazing guests of the Artists series

Special Thanks

Thank you to team at RBL Berlin for their collaboration on certain episodes.

Thank you to the inimitable Emanuele of LaBettolab for providing the unseen but amazing atmosphere on certain episodes.

Thank you to the bars and other locations that have often been the invisible backdrop to great conversations.

Voices from the Dark Dictionary

Philosopher: a person who seeks wisdom or enlightenment

Wizard: a very clever or skillful person

Totem: a spirit being