E45: London Readings

Photo of London Bridge by John Lugo-Trebble
London Bridge, by John Lugo-Trebble

In this episode, John and I share excerpts of the pieces we wrote based on the London prompt from the previous episode, which was simply to write a story set in London, keeping in mind the concept of authenticity.

The discussion about language and writing, authenticity, and technique continues.


PS: We decided not to choose a prompt on this episode, but not because of laziness or anything like that. Instead, we want our listeners and followers to choose one for us. Write to us here, there, and anywhere with your suggestions. We will pick our favorite on the next episode.

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Lit List

Sherlock Holmes (1891-1927), various stories by Arthur Conan Doyle

From Hell (2001), a film by The Hughes Brothers

The Limehouse Golem (2016), a film by Juan Carlos Medina

Four Season in Havana (2016), a TV series based on books by Leonardo Padura Fuentes

E44: Language and Writing

Edgar Allan Poe Cottage - Bronx, by Shannon McGee via Flickr.com licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Edgar Allan Poe Cottage – Bronx, by Shannon McGee

In this episode of Voices from the Dark Open Mic, John and I talk about how spoken language factors into our writing and how we deal with the challenges presented by our desire to create an authentic experience for our readers.

We also touch on some writing techniques, discuss different authors (including Poe, referenced in the photo above) and decide on a new concept to write about for the next episode. Let us know what you think!

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Episode 44 Lit List

Andrew Holleran: Dancer from the Dance (1978), novel;
Nights in Aruba (1983), novel

Matt Ruff: Lovecraft Country (2016), novel

Ryan Murphy: Hollywood  (2020), TV miniseries

Irvine Welsh: Trainspotting (1993), novel



Jordan Peele


E43: Inspiration Under Lockdown

John Lugo-Trebble and Steven Cuffari on Voices from the Dark Episode 43

In this episode of Voices from the Dark I join my friend, co-producer and co-host, John Lugo-Trebble to discuss dealing with the global coronavirus lockdown as writers and creators. We read excerpts from our stories and discuss our plans for creating a digital open mic right here on Voices from the Dark.

Check out John’s work at www.johnlugotrebble.com, and read the full version of his piece St. Mark’s Ghost. You can find the full version of my piece The Patron Saint of A Wandering New Yorker here.

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E42: Beer, Onions and Bread with Mauricio

In this epic episode of Voices from the Dark, Mauricio and I are back to sort out the subtle complexities of lager beer. We treat ourselves to a tasting of approximately (it’s hard to keep count after the first few rounds) eleven distinct styles of lager beer that prove lagers are not as simple as they seem.

Try to keep up with us as we drink our way through the long and diverse history of the world’s most popular beer type and get a bit tipsy in the process.

Mauricio again shares with us his knowledge about brewing, craft beer culture and amazing facts about our favorite beverage. He also goes into detail about each lager style that we taste, adding historical and technical details with every sip.

Please enjoy the episode, and if you enjoy as many beers as we did during the recording, please enjoy them responsibly! Here’s to many more pints in the future! Cheers!

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E41: Into the Vat, a Conversation for Beer Nerds with Mauricio

Episode 41 of Voices from the Dark is dedicated to one of my favorite topics: Beer. With me are two beer lovers: Sam, a long-time friend from Italy; and Mauricio, an Argentine home brewer who I met at the local bar and home brewers’ sanctuary Mash Pit.

The conversation is chaotic, which demonstrates our shared passion for the topic. As the ideas flow freely, so does the beer. Mauricio shares a Corsendonk Pater Double Ale, his own so-called Shitty IPA, and a Sweet Porter he made. We talk about the definition of craft beer. We talk about beer in Argentina, Italy, the United States. We talk about typical German beer, new German craft beer, the history of beer, drinking cultures of the world. We touch on a few beer styles, have a couple of friendly disagreements, and ultimately discover the truth about the Pilsner style, which may not be what you think.

We recorded the podcast in Mauricio’s apartment—where he brews his own beer and has converted a refrigerator into a small two-tap keg system. We also recorded some video for the first time, thanks to Sam’s help as cameraman and co-producer. Perhaps you’ll see that video floating around the interwebs somewhere sometime. Stay tuned.

Later we head out into the night in search of more frothy flavors. First we hit Hardy’s Pub in Schoeneberg, then Muted Horn in Neukoelln, both respectable establishments for different reasons. So what becomes of this trio of drinkers on a dark night full of beers and podcasting? Did we record on the fly in the midst of our beer mission? You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out. Here’s to many more lively conversations about topics you love! Enjoy!


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E40: Back on the Dragon with Jem Bosatta


What’s up y’all. It’s been a while.


I am super excited that Voices from the Dark is now 40! 40 episodes old. It has taken more time than it should to get here, but who wants to get old anyway? Yes, the wizards at Voices from the Dark are back on the dragon, so to speak, and it’s just gonna get weirder from here on out. And if you’re already here, you’ll probably be looking forward to exactly that. Look for a beer podcast coming out soon, possibly one about wine, Brazilian jiu-jitsu or writing. Stay alert. You never know what might be up next.


In this episode, you get to hear a great conversation between me and a musician named Jem Bosatta. We talk about his life, his path, and birds. Yes, birds. Trust me, it makes sense. Not only that, you also get to hear a newly recorded song called All My Cases–recorded for the first time, here on the podcast. I hope you enjoy the spontaneous, unedited conversation, which is always the goal of the show. If you stick around till (or skip to) the end of the episode, you’ll get another special treat (A hint is hidden in the featured image of these very show notes). What else can I tell you without spoiling it? Jem is a great musician. I was honored to have him on the show, and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future (as opposed to the past, obviously). I think that you might like his tunes, and suggest you check them out. If you want to keep up with him, check out his website, Spotify and everything else. Links to his main sites are below.


Thank you to Jem, to the great Berlin weather, and to the sponsors of this show, whom I can’t mention here (because they don’t exist).


Until next time, keep playing. Keep listening.



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Rookling on Spotify

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E39: Chasing Butterflies, Evgeni’s Meditation Trip Part Two

Evgeni in Hopfen Reich, Kreuzkoelln

Evgeni is back. You all know him from Voices from the Dark’s Mistaken Ideas, the podcast about logical fallacies. Here’s something a bit different.

In this episode, Specials #3, we break off from the usual format, and Evgeni gives us a glimpse into his recent silent meditation retreat. He’s done a retreat of this kind before, but he’s never shared his experience in this format.

Listen now!

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Thanks for listening!

E38: Artists #26, Featuring Nik Ecco

Nik Ecco, transmedia artist, is my guest for this episode of the Artists series. Nik shares insights and advice, culled from a young career of experimental music, sound and sculpture. He suggests listeners to challenge the notion of finished work and not to fear complexity. We had a great conversation on RBL Berlin’s Sunday broadcast at GlogauAIR. Thank you to Nik for being on the show and to everyone involved! Enjoy!

Keep up with Nik’s work via his website, nikitazhukovskiy.com.

Listen now:

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E37: Artists #25, Featuring Anya Vero

Anya Vero—painter, sculptor and jewelry maker—is my guest for this installment of the Voices from the Dark Artists series. In this episode, I speak with the vibrant and motivated artist about her philosophy; how she approaches her art; and how she simultaneously manages creative endeavors and other pursuits. We also discuss some of the themes of her work, which include people, the human body, human relationships and human trafficking.

It was a great pleasure to speak with Anya about her many projects, how they intertwine and the methods she uses to realize them. Her suggestions and advice on how to stay organized were both inspiring and practical. Keep up with Anya’s projects and view some of her work on her website anyavero.com and her Instagram page.

Thank you as usual to our collaborators GlogauAIR and RBL Berlin. Enjoy!

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E36: Artists #24, Featuring Ned Mortimer

Ned Mortimer, musician and writer, is my guest in this installment of the Voices from the Dark Artists series. We have a great talk about his trajectory as a musician and how it has taken him from the south of England to London and now to Berlin. As a lifelong musician, artist and writer, Ned shares stories, advice and strategies from his career, as well as a lot of useful wisdom, including the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, the value of people trashing your work and the precious ability to simply not do anything.

Ned also plays us a beautiful track, “Vancouver Waves,” from his band August and After, who you can hear more from on YouTube. It was a great joy to hear him speak optimistically about the trials and tribulations that many of us experience as we try to balance the competing forces in our lives.

Thanks to the guys at RBL Berlin for broadcasting this episode live and to the folks at bei Craft bar and GlogauAIR for providing the comfy space to talk. Enjoy!

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