E40: Back on the Dragon with Jem Bosatta


What’s up y’all. It’s been a while.


I am super excited that Voices from the Dark is now 40! 40 episodes old. It has taken more time than it should to get here, but who wants to get old anyway? Yes, the wizards at Voices from the Dark are back on the dragon, so to speak, and it’s just gonna get weirder from here on out. And if you’re already here, you’ll probably be looking forward to exactly that. Look for a beer podcast coming out soon, possibly one about wine, Brazilian jiu-jitsu or writing. Stay alert. You never know what might be up next.


In this episode, you get to hear a great conversation between me and a musician named Jem Bosatta. We talk about his life, his path, and birds. Yes, birds. Trust me, it makes sense. Not only that, you also get to hear a newly recorded song called All My Cases–recorded for the first time, here on the podcast. I hope you enjoy the spontaneous, unedited conversation, which is always the goal of the show. If you stick around till (or skip to) the end of the episode, you’ll get another special treat (A hint is hidden in the featured image of these very show notes). What else can I tell you without spoiling it? Jem is a great musician. I was honored to have him on the show, and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future (as opposed to the past, obviously). I think that you might like his tunes, and suggest you check them out. If you want to keep up with him, check out his website, Spotify and everything else. Links to his main sites are below.


Thank you to Jem, to the great Berlin weather, and to the sponsors of this show, whom I can’t mention here (because they don’t exist).


Until next time, keep playing. Keep listening.



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