E16: Mistaken Ideas #4, and Music by Joey Steel and Co.

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In this episode we have installment number four of the Voices from the Dark Mistaken Ideas series. Evgeni and I explore the Biased Sample fallacy, giving examples. During the show we realize that the Hasty Generalization is a closely related fallacy, so we discuss that as well. We also try to come up with hybrid fallacies in the ongoing Hybrid Fallacy Challenge.

This is the first episode of Voices from the Dark to be aired live on radiobandlarga.it in collaboration with RBL Berlin. This episode was recorded on September 18th, 2018 and aired live on RBL Berlin on September 24th. Come visit us for the next one as we air live on Sundays at 4 pm in Neukoelln at LaBettolab.

The episode also features music from the talented artist Joey Steel. The man has many cool projects and a lot to say. He’s also a good friend of mine. The tracks featured in this episode are listed below, along with where you can purchase music. Thanks Joey!

  • Murder of Bros from the 2017 album Shirime by Skull Caster
  • Decolonize Your Mind from the 2017 album Social Immolation by All Torn Up
  • Iron Leaves from the 2018 Demo by Cop/Out

Stay involved with the show. You know how to find us. Be a guest, a co-producer or a creator for the show. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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