E17: Artists #10, Featuring Patokai and Music by Crazy Eddie

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In this episode of the Voices from the Dark Artists series, I interview musician Patricio Vallarino, aka Patokai. We discuss his love of music, its therapeutic value and the difficulty of balancing maintaining a full-time professional job with being an artist. We also discuss his diverse musical projects both past and present, from being the lead singer in a Guns ‘n’ Roses cover band to his current work, which you can find via his Facebook page here: Patokai.

Also featured on the show is music by Crazy Eddie, a punk band from New York, including the tracks “Outta Control,” “Best I Can” and “Offended.” Find their music on Bandcamp here: Crazy Eddie.

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Originally aired live on RBL Berlin, Sunday, September 30th at LaBettolab in Neukoelln, Berlin.