E45: London Readings

Photo of London Bridge by John Lugo-Trebble
London Bridge, by John Lugo-Trebble

In this episode, John and I share excerpts of the pieces we wrote based on the London prompt from the previous episode, which was simply to write a story set in London, keeping in mind the concept of authenticity.

The discussion about language and writing, authenticity, and technique continues.


PS: We decided not to choose a prompt on this episode, but not because of laziness or anything like that. Instead, we want our listeners and followers to choose one for us. Write to us here, there, and anywhere with your suggestions. We will pick our favorite on the next episode.

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Lit List

Sherlock Holmes (1891-1927), various stories by Arthur Conan Doyle

From Hell (2001), a film by The Hughes Brothers

The Limehouse Golem (2016), a film by Juan Carlos Medina

Four Season in Havana (2016), a TV series based on books by Leonardo Padura Fuentes