E42: Beer, Onions and Bread with Mauricio

In this epic episode of Voices from the Dark, Mauricio and I are back to sort out the subtle complexities of lager beer. We treat ourselves to a tasting of approximately (it’s hard to keep count after the first few rounds) eleven distinct styles of lager beer that prove lagers are not as simple as they seem.

Try to keep up with us as we drink our way through the long and diverse history of the world’s most popular beer type and get a bit tipsy in the process.

Mauricio again shares with us his knowledge about brewing, craft beer culture and amazing facts about our favorite beverage. He also goes into detail about each lager style that we taste, adding historical and technical details with every sip.

Please enjoy the episode, and if you enjoy as many beers as we did during the recording, please enjoy them responsibly! Here’s to many more pints in the future! Cheers!

Click here to download episode 42