You Are Hereby Invited

Podcasting is an entertaining and fulfilling enterprise.

I highly recommend it.

Therefore, I hereby invite you to become a podcaster with (not for but with–there is a not-so-subtle difference) Voices from the Dark.

Podcasting is entertaining and fulfilling, but it is also time-consuming and relies on a number of skills that are not always easy to attain.

Podcasting is always more entertaining and more fulfilling with more people.

Therefore, if you are a person who wants to be entertained and fulfilled, or if you are a person with skills, you are hereby invited.

If you are a person with an idea for a podcast, but just need some help with technical aspects of podcasting, you are hereby invited. I am happy to assist you with setting up a podcast of your own. It would also be great to have you on an episode.

If you are a musician or sound artist who wants to share their work on an episode or on episodes of Voices from the Dark, you are hereby invited.

If you want to help produce regular audio content for Voices from the Dark, you are hereby invited.

If you are any other kind of artist, such as a writer, an actor, a painter etc. and you would like to get involved, you are hereby invited.