E8: Artists #7, Featuring J. Hermit

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This episode features the seventh installment of the Voices from the Dark Artists series. My guest is guitarist J. Hermit, aka Jia, aka Yunjia Liu. We discuss how she fell in love with the guitar while on the path to becoming a doctor. Jia shares her story, her current projects and her belief in the magic of music. She also shares insight into how she deals with the obstacles and challenges of being an artist and how intuition plays an integral part in overcoming those obstacles. Enjoy!

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Learn more about J. Hermit and her music on her website yunjialiuguitarist.com. She is coming out with an EP called “Five Elements” in September and will be performing solo, live in Berlin on July 7th in a meditative guitar concert at the Kali Psychedelic Bookshop in Berlin, Friedrichshain (Krossener Str. 18, 10245 Berlin). Go check it out!

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