E19: Artists #12, Featuring Deniz Arslan

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In this episode of the Voices from the Dark Artists series, I speak with writer Deniz Arslan about his path as an artist, the truth about why he writes and the financial difficulty of being a writer. We also discuss the pressure he felt to go to school to start a career as an economist and the realization that doing what you love is often better than doing what is easiest. We also discuss the importance of location in the life of an artist and how being a writer in one’s home country has its positives and negatives. Deniz writes in Turkish and English. Check out some of his English writing here: Hakim Yaka; and here: Still Moving.

Full disclosure: As I mention on the show Deniz is a friend of mine, and he is co-owner of the bar Horse in Berlin. It’s a great bar and hopefully the future site of many episodes of Voices from the Dark. The upcoming episode of the Voices from the Dark series The Spectrum will be recorded there!

Stay involved with the show. You know how to find us. Be a guest, a co-producer or a creator for the show. If you have an idea for a podcast and just need some help in making it happen, I want to hear from you. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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Originally aired live on RBL Berlin, Sunday, October 7th at LaBettolab in Neukoelln, Berlin.