E20: The Spectrum #2, Featuring the Left–Right Political Axis

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In this episode of Voices from the Dark we have the second installment of the political series The Spectrum. Neo and I sit down at the Horse bar (co-owned by previous guest and friend Deniz Arslan) in Neukoelln, Berlin, to continue our conversation about political concepts and terminology as they are used in US politics. We briefly recap the first installment, where we looked at the term socialism and quickly move on to the next topic, which is the so-called left–right political axis. As luck would have it, we had a special guest on the show, the famous Bulgarian philosopher Evgeni Klisarov, who you probably know from the Voices from the Dark Mistaken Ideas series. Additionally, we go off on an unrelated tangent about Dave Chappelle, since the three of us are going to see him live in Berlin on October 26th! Neo shares a story about her first encounter with the renowned funnyman, and then we move on to talk about the topic at hand.

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