E22: Artists #14, Featuring Federica Flux

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In this episode of the Voices from the Dark Artists series, we sit down with the amazing Federica Flux, a Berlin-based sound artist and friend of the podcast. Federica previously joined us on Voices from the Dark Episode 7, where you can hear more about her and her path as an artist. Here she tells us about the unique goals and intriguing technical details of her current project called Die singenden Knochen, or as it is known in English, The Singing Bones, which she performs with fellow artist Roberta Busechian of Spazio Traum. She also tells us how she was inspired by the brothers Grimm and how some of their stories relate to the project. As a bonus we get to hear a few tracks from the project, which you will have the chance to witness live at the Willow’s Nest in Berlin on Saturday, October 27th. Click here to check out the Facebook page for the event.

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Originally aired live on RBL Berlin, Sunday, October 21st at LaBettolab in Neukoelln, Berlin.