E23: Mistaken Ideas #5, Featuring the Appeal to Authority (Theatrical Cut)

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In this episode of the Voices from the Dark series Mistaken Ideas, the inimitable Evgeni and I sit down for some beers at the Soul Cat bar in Neukoelln, Berlin. For the most part, we discuss the Appeal to Authority fallacy, which we both found to be quite simple, so we also discussed some of the several other Appeals fallacies such as the Appeal to Faith, the Appeal to Fear, and the Appeal to Celebrity, which all basically have the same form. Since it was a full moon, the Hunter’s Moon to be exact, things get a bit strange and we go off on tangents that include Back to the Future, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, Evgeni’s obsession with looking at the moon every night and of course, black magic..Needless to say, the Bulgarian Philosopher and I are in rare form. It was a good night and the atmosphere was great. Soul Cat was a comfortable place to record. The beer was good and the music was soulful, as you might expect. Below are some pictures from the night (sorry, no selfies!).

Pictured above: One instance where the Appeal to Authority is not a fallacy
The bar at Soul Cat
Wall decorations at Soul Cat
Lighting at Soul Cat

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