E25: Artists #16, Featuring Dimitar Gospodinov of DeanIsHome

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In this episode, I interview Bulgarian Berlin-based singer and songwriter Dimitar Gospodinov. (Special thanks to Emanuelo of LaBettolab for introducing the episode in his special way.)

Also known as Dean, Dimitar shares his stories from the road as a street performer and in his various international musical adventures. Dean also shares a track that he wrote, performed and produced called Still Sixteen. He shares examples of the challenges he has faced as an artist and emphasizes optimism, hard work and passion. This episode also features a lot of clapping, which seems to be a Bulgarian thing (looking at you Evegni!). Check out Dean’s homepage at deanishome.net.

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Originally recorded and aired live on RBL Berlin, Sunday, November 4th at LaBettolab in Neukoelln, Berlin.