E30: Artists #18, Featuring Naco Fichetti

In this episode I have a conversation with amazing Argentine painter and illustrator Naco Fichetti, a good friend of my family from down south in Argentina. We speak about his journey as an artist, which has taken him from his native city of Viedma, Rio Negro, to Buenos Aires and back. We trace his unique artist’s story from his first steps drawing cars as a youth to finally having his own workshop in Viedma and traveling internationally to develop his craft. We also discuss his love of British Rock and Argentine football, both of which he features often in his work. Hear it for yourselves here. Keep up with Naco via his page Naco Fichetti Caricaturas – Dibujos – Pinturas. Enjoy!

Special thanks to the people, places and spirits of Viedma!

This is the first international episode of Voices from the Dark and hopefully just one of many more to come. It is also the first official episode of 2019, so once again, Happy New Year!

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