E31: Artists #19, Featuring Clare Saponia

Photo credit: Elena Capra

In this episode I sit down with Clare Saponia, a London-born writer and artist. We discuss a variety of topics, including her mixed family origins and European identity, her passion for language and culture, her holistic approach to life, and how these things have inspired and influenced her on her artistic journey.

She shares with us how she accomplishes what she calls the eternal juggling act of being an artist and making a living. She also shares some of the wisdom she has collected on her journey, including how she views writing as a way of connecting with herself and thus with other people. Perhaps most importantly, she reminds us to listen to our bodies and just breathe. Keep up with Clare via her websites claresaponia.co.uk and clearstarblog.wordpress.com. Enjoy!

Special thanks to the folks at RBL Berlin and GlogauAIR for providing a cozy space to talk.

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