E32: Artists #20, Featuring Tau Tau Menghan

In this episode I had the opportunity to speak with Tau Tau Menghan, a Berlin-based filmmaker, novelist and storyteller originally from China. She shares her experiences in the Berlin filmmaking community, the differences between the Chinese and German art scenes, and the many boundaries that she has broken through on her artistic journey. She also shares the challenges she has faced balancing filmmaking and novel writing, how being weird is almost a prerequisite to being an artist and some of the amazing stories that have inspired and resulted from her work.

Listen to our conversation to find out about her relationship to German trees, what gets her up in the morning, and how she puts it all together to make what she calls a “stew.” Keep up with her work via her website¬†itautau.com, and check out one of her latest projects “No Zuo No Die” on¬†imdb.com. Enjoy!

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Tau Tau Menghan with Steve on Voices from the Dark and RBL Berlin at GlogauAIR