E36: Artists #24, Featuring Ned Mortimer

Ned Mortimer, musician and writer, is my guest in this installment of the Voices from the Dark Artists series. We have a great talk about his trajectory as a musician and how it has taken him from the south of England to London and now to Berlin. As a lifelong musician, artist and writer, Ned shares stories, advice and strategies from his career, as well as a lot of useful wisdom, including the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, the value of people trashing your work and the precious ability to simply not do anything.

Ned also plays us a beautiful track, “Vancouver Waves,” from his band August and After, who you can hear more from on YouTube. It was a great joy to hear him speak optimistically about the trials and tribulations that many of us experience as we try to balance the competing forces in our lives.

Thanks to the guys at RBL Berlin for broadcasting this episode live and to the folks at bei Craft bar and GlogauAIR for providing the comfy space to talk. Enjoy!

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