E37: Artists #25, Featuring Anya Vero

Anya Vero—painter, sculptor and jewelry maker—is my guest for this installment of the Voices from the Dark Artists series. In this episode, I speak with the vibrant and motivated artist about her philosophy; how she approaches her art; and how she simultaneously manages creative endeavors and other pursuits. We also discuss some of the themes of her work, which include people, the human body, human relationships and human trafficking.

It was a great pleasure to speak with Anya about her many projects, how they intertwine and the methods she uses to realize them. Her suggestions and advice on how to stay organized were both inspiring and practical. Keep up with Anya’s projects and view some of her work on her website anyavero.com and her Instagram page.

Thank you as usual to our collaborators GlogauAIR and RBL Berlin. Enjoy!

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